Drop the resistance..

Even with all the different kinds of noises on the outside,
with all kinds of chaos outside,
with everyone saying or yelling something or the other,
telling you to do this or that,
all kinds of responsibilities waiting for the day,
even with all that going on outside,
take a moment..
glance within..
where is the resistance forming?
can you see it?
feel it?
but even beyond that resistance is a silence…
even beyond that wanting-to-punch-the-wall-feeling is a silence..
in the heart..
can you feel it?
can you hear it?

Dropping the resistance,
dropping the idea of wanting what you want, not wanting what others want,
dropping it all with acceptance,
acceptance of the noises and everything,
let everything that is happening happen,
does the tree ever resist the wind?
does the water resist being evaporated by sun’s heat?
with the fear that it might lose it’s fluidity?
if it would, how would it rain and be water again?
It’s all a transformation going on..
Instead of resisting,
fill your heart with silence and Love,
for every noise, every chaos
and the resistance ceases to exist..
After all, the boundaries between the noise and sound are all conventions…


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