Have you seen the wonders?

Are there no new thoughts?

except these repetitive ones?

Don’t you ever wonder?

Wonder at these wonders!

Step out of the shadows

of your self

and look around.

Please look around.


Different music. Different words.

The stars that silently play some music.

Deeply listen.

Watch the flowers, the bees,

the water that flows in the streams.

Flow, don’t drag yourself

to do all the things you think you need

to do.

There are riches more abundant

than a mere job and money.

Open your heart

to this impermanence

rather than trying to hold on

to the past and illusory certainty.

When we die, we’re going to merge

with this oneness of Nature.

Why not take time

to know that then?

Notice, observe, look.

this oneness in Nature

is all there is.

~ A.P.

no more of the agonies. have you seen the wonders!!

raedas on Tumblr

Above Photographs by Aditi Premankit


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