Hi, I’m Aditi Premankit.

Welcome to my blog!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m a writer, an artist, a humanist.

I’m just another human being.. just like you, just like anyone else.

All the other things.. you’d know them when you read my posts.

This personal blog is an extension of my expressions, my writings, and some of my anguish. Writing down my anguish helps me let go and learn. My heart whispers its wisdom when I’m writing.

Here’s to learning to listen to our hearts… 💖

My Latest Posts

  • Attention, attention, attention!
    So many things require our attention every day. One moment we are doing something and within a few moments, we run with our minds to do other things. To do lists don’t even begin to attend the way our minds run in countless different directions. We lose our attention, our… Continue reading Attention, attention, attention!
  • If I could do it again
    We went to visit a school yesterday, to enquire about for my three year old nephew. And memories from the horrors of my own school time came back. Those school years weren’t that horrible, but the kid-me surely felt them that way. My shyness, my self-consciousness, and to top it… Continue reading If I could do it again
  • Flowing words and a stillness beneath
    Sometimes, the words just flow keep pouring out onto the paper onto the screen. And you wonder how many words are there? And how do they flow so effortlessly? And why do these gliding, sliding, dribbling, drizzling words make you so giddy, dizzy, and happy? Shhhh!! Listen. Listen to the… Continue reading Flowing words and a stillness beneath
  • Negativity, negativity everywhere!
    Except in my mind. How is that possible? How can you stay positive when you’re surrounded by negative situations or negative people? There’s a continuous chatter of negativity in my surroundings. Situations and people. Conflicts over small things. Dry cough that persisted for over a week. Improper sleep schedule. I… Continue reading Negativity, negativity everywhere!
  • What a festival ought to look like – an introvert’s perspective
    It’s official — I dislike all festivals. To the core! Yes, even Diwali. Celebration of any festival has turned into a ritual that MUST and SHOULD be followed. How I’ve always hated these musts and shoulds! It’s just ridiculous and I’m frustrated. There isn’t even a single festival in Hinduism… Continue reading What a festival ought to look like – an introvert’s perspective
  • Sweet solitude
    Darkness of the night, a heavy downpour outside, quietness and some music. Sweet, sweet solitude, where do you hide in the day? Is it the light? or the bustle of people? too much activity? Seeing too many people at the mall today, I just needed to stay awake, simply doing… Continue reading Sweet solitude
  • On being a Jack of All Trades
    Are you a master of none? Or master of one? There are a lot of opinions around this, and recently, I read somewhere that being a jack of all trades and master of none was better than being a specialist in one subject or skill. I used to think about… Continue reading On being a Jack of All Trades
  • The light meets the dark
    There are no words to write today. Just listening to these words and lyrics on repeat. The softness of the music and the words that understand and tell you that it’s okay, you don’t always have to be strong. Listen, and let the music heal. The healing does begin when… Continue reading The light meets the dark
  • The antidote to too much peopling
    The sounds, whole day, double. Phone calls, email pings, more phone calls, stories that old people like to tell, I listen, keep listening. Then a sudden wave of irritation, and I know what I need. Silence. Nature. Wordless Music. The cool evening breeze welcomes me as I step into the… Continue reading The antidote to too much peopling
  • What becomes of it all?
    Have you ever had these kind of days? Long hectic ones, tiresome — where so much happened, where you spoke so much, talked to your heart’s content, but still at night, you can’t just go off to sleep. So, you think, wonder, ponder, listening to the pitter-patter of rain in… Continue reading What becomes of it all?