Hi, I’m Aditi Premankit.

Welcome to my blog!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m a writer, an artist, a humanist.

I’m just another human being.. just like you, just like anyone else.

All the other things.. you’d know them when you read my posts.

This personal blog is an extension of my expressions, my writings, and some of my anguish. Writing down my anguish helps me let go and learn. My heart whispers its wisdom when I’m writing.

Here’s to learning to listen to our hearts… 💖

My Latest Posts

  • On being a Jack of All Trades
    Are you a master of none? Or master of one? There are a lot of opinions around this, and recently, I read somewhere that being a jack of all trades and master of none was better than being a specialist in one subject or skill. I used to think about… Continue reading On being a Jack of All Trades
  • The light meets the dark
    There are no words to write today. Just listening to these words and lyrics on repeat. The softness of the music and the words that understand and tell you that it’s okay, you don’t always have to be strong. Listen, and let the music heal. The healing does begin when… Continue reading The light meets the dark
  • The antidote to too much peopling
    The sounds, whole day, double. Phone calls, email pings, more phone calls, stories that old people like to tell, I listen, keep listening. Then a sudden wave of irritation, and I know what I need. Silence. Nature. Wordless Music. The cool evening breeze welcomes me as I step into the… Continue reading The antidote to too much peopling
  • What becomes of it all?
    Have you ever had these kind of days? Long hectic ones, tiresome — where so much happened, where you spoke so much, talked to your heart’s content, but still at night, you can’t just go off to sleep. So, you think, wonder, ponder, listening to the pitter-patter of rain in… Continue reading What becomes of it all?
  • Wild Freedom
    Late night, coming across the music of Pearl Jam’s Present Tense song, and melancholia.. Cooped up in her room, she felt like a caged bird. Outside, there was beautiful Nature, wild freedom.. at least, the illusion of freedom, the beauty of the world that her senses had tasted. She longed… Continue reading Wild Freedom
  • It’s okay to not be okay with it
    The struggle persisted because I lamely believedthat I ought to accept it,so my heart struggled on and onwithinbut maybe, just maybe,I don’t need to accept itso I stop strugglingonly to find thatyou still love me anyways. ~ ~ ~ ~
  • The Sand Pile
    As I sit in my balcony, I look down at a dog rubbing his back in the small patch of soil between dry yellow grass. It’s a to-and-fro motion, but it looks like playfulness. A few minutes later, he gets up and climbs a pile of sand that those construction… Continue reading The Sand Pile
  • No title, no war.
    There are deaths, and then there are deaths from the attack. You tell yourself not to get involved, but you’re too deep in the quicksand, deeply affected, can’t undo what you saw, can’t erase what you feel. You dream about the war, being there in the smoke, it’s a never-ending… Continue reading No title, no war.
  • Courage amidst Chaos
    I was distressed, feeling deeply affected by the situation of war in Ukraine. But what could I do? The wars and power politics are played by the leaders. What could an individual do? Watch the news and get more distressed? Protest and express rage? Condemn and watch? Write? Cry? Turn… Continue reading Courage amidst Chaos
  • Start being happy
    Keep your eyes open and reality. Keep your eyes close and imaginations and dreams. The real world terrifies me with its callousness with its misinterpretations of each other’s intentions. Every single person wants happiness. And yet, and yet.. where is the effort? where is the trying for it? Instant happiness.… Continue reading Start being happy