Conditioning vs Questioning everything

Questioner: Is it possible to raise children without conditioning them, and if so,how? If not, is there such a thing as good and bad conditioning? Please answerthis question unconditionally. [Laughter]Krishnamurti: “Is it possible to raise children without conditioning them?” Is it?I don’t think so. Please listen, let’s go into this together. But first of all,… Continue reading Conditioning vs Questioning everything



After another fruitless daytrying hard yet nothing could ease the heart,not even sleeping for a while..Feeling suffocated of being in the same room,same house, same surroundings,same books, same people,same images and haunting thoughtsi escape..on the terrace...been a while since i was last here..A fresh breeze gently rushes byas i step out on the terraceand move… Continue reading Nature…