Layer by layer I dust off all the dirt on my heart, in all the nooks and crooks, inside and out.. The dirt of conditionings, the… Continue reading Dusting

The shadow

This shadow never leaves me. The shadow of my own being. It’s not concrete, it’s not even abstract, yet I cannot show it to the world… Continue reading The shadow

on autopilot

~ i want to stop. pause. breathe. i want to reflect. quieten the mind. feel silence. awareness. presence. i want to relish the moments. be here… Continue reading on autopilot

Reboot yourself

Such information overload these days. The eyes and mind are overworked and all other senses barely noticeable. And yet, just 10 minutes of loving-kindness meditation clears… Continue reading Reboot yourself

Be practical?!

Do not be yourself. Do not express yourself. Do not question everything. What they taught ‘right’ and ‘good’ isn’t true. Do not listen to your heart.… Continue reading Be practical?!

The Asylum

I was strolling in the gardens of an insane asylum when I met a young man who was reading a philosophy book. His behavior and his… Continue reading The Asylum

This wandering

What is it about this wandering especially alone, in the night.. and rebelling against the shoulds and mustn’ts.. Instead, just following what the heart says just… Continue reading This wandering


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Hi, I’m Aditi Premankit. I’m a writer, an artist, a humanist. This is my personal blog.

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