how do the streams flow out of the earth?

Have you ever noticed


a stream of flowing water

and wondered,

‘Where does it come from?

What are its roots?

Why does it flow

like the invisible sky?’

Have you ever marveled and pondered

how the stream comes into being

how it springs into existence?

Wonder, wonder.


The surprising and awe-inspiring magical answer

lies in science.

The earth is dry, and the water level in the earth goes down.

The cracks are the thirst for water.

The water table rises as it rains,

it rises, and rises,

and in some places where there are tiny valleys in the earth

the water springs out, flows


the earth can no longer contain it,

cannot hold it within

and it overflows.

Haven’t you felt that alchemy too?

When your heart is full,

full of love, full of happiness,

rising, rising

and you no longer can contain it.

It overflows,

abundantly, gushing out,

and seeping in all your surroundings.

So what’s that rain that would help our hearts overflow

with love and happiness?

Wonder, wonder, ponder

and listen to what your own heart says.

~ A.P.

source: Riverwindphotography on Tumblr

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