There she goes..

There she goes
on a randomly random walk again..
Wandering on random streets,
smiling at strangers,
a little girl smiled back and waved at her, ‘Byebye..’
she laughed and waved back at the girl,
thanking her for smiling,
walking, walking,
the cold morning breeze
whooshing thru her short hair,
her feet dancing with the music
in her headphones,
some strange men stare at her
but she didn’t mind,
she just kept walking, walking..
The sun shining through the leaves,
the greenness of the trees,
people passing around…
How she loved these random walks!
without deciding, without planning..
just spontaneously..
And then realizing she might get late 
for the braces’ appointment,
she took an auto..
And there she goes..
Hiding her smile in her eyes..
No worries of the world can even come nearer
when she’s roaming around
on her own…
There she goes..
Just walking..

Update : For the first time, 4/5 strangers smiled back!! So lovely to see them smile.. ^^

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