And there the head blows all over again..

Ma’s pressure increases day by day,
telling me to study, study, study,
as if i dunno the exam is coming..
And then she tells me to fill up an exam form for a deemed university here.. I refuse, she persists..
It doesn’t matter if i get mds or not,
all i want is to escape from here..
To any other state! 
Anywhere except here..
Away from all these people..
I tried, but i’m still prejudiced against these people..
So let the prejudice remain..
I just want to get away from here!!
Each day it keeps getting stronger
to run away, away from here..
I just want to be alone…
And just be..
Not play these stupid roles..
Shutting the eyes, i sit quietly..
Trying to shut off the world and the thoughts..
Taking a deep breath,
all i can hear is a bird singing outside the window..
Singing so beautifully,
just being..
And i smile as the resistance drops..
What does it matter?
There or here..
The world is always going to be the same..
People are always going to be the same..
There or here..
The resistance comes bcoz we choose to believe in what they are saying to be true..
Instead, just focus on the heart beating,
focus within,
on who you are…
..and nothing else matters..
Let them say what they want, you focus on your heart..
Let them pressurize, let them do what they want, you keep your focus within..
Coz nothing else matters..
The solitude, the being alone
that you long for, so much,
is right here now..
when you drop the resistance
and just be..
Just breathe..
and forget everything else..


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