Solitude and meditation..

An hour of solitude and meditation,

after these two very long weeks,
and the mind has become quiet now,
so serene..
All the patterns and thoughts have dropped dead..
Just a calm serenity lies in the heart..
Maybe this was what i really needed..
Hadn’t been able to get some alone time
to meditate,
except a few minutes here and there..
Meditation is being..
Just being..
Close your eyes and just be..
Let the wisdom of your heart flow..
And it whispered,
‘If you can’t be alone and quiet and calm within now, in this state that you’re living, in this place called home…how would you be alone and quiet and calm within later, in another state or another place? Even if you start working or earning, live at your own place, still you’ll have to interact with people.. You won’t be getting 24×7 alone time anywhere in any corner of the earth, and that’s not what you want either, do you? If you want to be left alone, be alone…who’s stopping you? Even if people are around, you can be alone for an hour everyday, to meditate or to just sit on the terrace.. Wake up earlier if there’s no time in the day. Don’t be bothered by what people say or do, if you want to be alone, just be alone..and empty the mind.. Instead why not fill up the heart?!’

Everything else vanished,
as the heart was filled with Love..
Feeling grateful,
i promised the heart to meditate and find alone time every day atleast for an hour, no matter what, no matter where..
Thank You! ^^


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