Who knew Love was this simple!

Who knew Love was this simple?


Countless poets and writers have written about love,

thinkers have thought about what it could be and what it ought to be..

There are breakups and makeups,

there are love songs and songs for the broken hearted..

We glorify love, mix it with passion and lust, or try to make it selfless, sometimes one-sided..


But who knew Love was this simple?

The feeling of coming Home..

The smile that stays on your lips when your eyes meet again, after days..

The unbridled joy rising in your heart with just their presence..

A forgetfulness of past and future, all that remains is this moment of being with them..

Just being with them..

And even their absence making you feel their presence..


Who knew Love was this simple!

~ ~ ~ ~



Featured image: Photo by Aditi B.


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