how do the streams flow out of the earth?

Have you ever noticed watched a stream of flowing water and wondered, 'Where does it come from? What are its roots? Why does it flow like the invisible sky?' Have you ever marveled and pondered how the stream comes into being how it springs into existence? Wonder, wonder. Ponder. The surprising and awe-inspiring magical answer… Continue reading how do the streams flow out of the earth?

Poems I Love, Reflections

Attention, attention, attention!

So many things require our attention every day. One moment we are doing something and within a few moments, we run with our minds to do other things. To do lists don’t even begin to attend the way our minds run in countless different directions. We lose our attention, our focus, our awareness and go… Continue reading Attention, attention, attention!

Music I Love, Reflections

The light meets the dark

There are no words to write today. Just listening to these words and lyrics on repeat. The softness of the music and the words that understand and tell you that it’s okay, you don’t always have to be strong. Listen, and let the music heal. The healing does begin when we let our walls fall,… Continue reading The light meets the dark

Music I Love, Reflections

Swallowed Whole in Negatives

Standing in the sun, I feel the heat, slightly burning on the skin. A whisper of the breeze soothes the skin, as if an omen, saying, ‘It’s okay..’ And the voice of Eddie Vedder in my ears, "Swallowed whole in negatives, it's so sad and sickening, feel the air up above, oh, pool of blue… Continue reading Swallowed Whole in Negatives

Poems I Love

One Art – Poem by Elizabeth Bishop

The art of losing isn’t hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster. Lose something every day. Accept the fluster of lost door keys, the hour badly spent. The art of losing isn’t hard to master. Then practice losing farther, losing faster: places,… Continue reading One Art – Poem by Elizabeth Bishop

Poems I Love, Reflections

Where is ‘me’?

I’ve been afraid of fame, for a long time now. Of people knowing my name. I like being in the shadows, I’ve stayed anonymous on the internet and loved it. Today, reading a poem by Hafiz led me to thinking. Where is ‘me’, where is Aditi? It’s just a name, a vehicle to be known… Continue reading Where is ‘me’?


Who knew Love was this simple!

Who knew Love was this simple?   Countless poets and writers have written about love, thinkers have thought about what it could be and what it ought to be.. There are breakups and makeups, there are love songs and songs for the broken hearted.. We glorify love, mix it with passion and lust, or try… Continue reading Who knew Love was this simple!


Where have you been searching? Where have you been searching for me, my friend? I am right here.. I am not in a statue, I am not in a holy place; I am not in a silent shrine either, Neither am I in a temple, nor in a mosque.. Neither the Kaaba, nor the Kailash.. Where have you been… Continue reading Where have you been searching?

Quotes I Love

What if you could wipe out all the poets and their poetry?

But if you could for a time wipe out all the poets and all their poetry from the world, then you would soon discover, by their very absence, where the men of action got their energy from, and who really supplied the life-sap to their harvest-field. It is not those who have plunged deep down… Continue reading What if you could wipe out all the poets and their poetry?


Hollowness in the heart

She put her hand in her heart and dragged out the hollow feeling.. holding it between her hands, she felt its emptiness. She wished she could remove and throw it off like a tumor, but there were still many hollow parts in her heart. She still didn’t know what a mother’s unconditional love felt like.… Continue reading Hollowness in the heart


Silencing the thoughts

Thinking too much againgetting tangledin the webs of these thoughts,her head throbbed. She wanted silencenot outside,but in her mind,wanted to silence her thoughts.Maybe straighten them. Music.And Nature.The only 2 things that helped. Listening to few songs on repeat,writing,inarticulate words,feeling the music and the words,imagining falling down down down.. walking on and on and on.. Brighter… Continue reading Silencing the thoughts