how do the streams flow out of the earth?

Have you ever noticed watched a stream of flowing water and wondered, 'Where does it come from? What are its roots? Why does it flow like the invisible sky?' Have you ever marveled and pondered how the stream comes into being how it springs into existence? Wonder, wonder. Ponder. The surprising and awe-inspiring magical answer… Continue reading how do the streams flow out of the earth?


If I could do it again

We went to visit a school yesterday, to enquire about for my three year old nephew. And memories from the horrors of my own school time came back. Those school years weren’t that horrible, but the kid-me surely felt them that way. My shyness, my self-consciousness, and to top it all, not feeling comfortable in… Continue reading If I could do it again


What a festival ought to look like – an introvert’s perspective

It’s official — I dislike all festivals. To the core! Yes, even Diwali. Celebration of any festival has turned into a ritual that MUST and SHOULD be followed. How I’ve always hated these musts and shoulds! It’s just ridiculous and I’m frustrated. There isn’t even a single festival in Hinduism that would allow for an… Continue reading What a festival ought to look like – an introvert’s perspective

Quotes I Love, Reflections

Sweet solitude

Darkness of the night, a heavy downpour outside, quietness and some music. Sweet, sweet solitude, where do you hide in the day? Is it the light? or the bustle of people? too much activity? Seeing too many people at the mall today, I just needed to stay awake, simply doing nothing. Just being. Watching a… Continue reading Sweet solitude


What becomes of it all?

Have you ever had these kind of days? Long hectic ones, tiresome — where so much happened, where you spoke so much, talked to your heart’s content, but still at night, you can’t just go off to sleep. So, you think, wonder, ponder, listening to the pitter-patter of rain in the midst of May. For… Continue reading What becomes of it all?


Start being happy

Keep your eyes open and reality. Keep your eyes close and imaginations and dreams. The real world terrifies me with its callousness with its misinterpretations of each other’s intentions. Every single person wants happiness. And yet, and yet.. where is the effort? where is the trying for it? Instant happiness. Does that even exist? But… Continue reading Start being happy


Memories in a box

Minds are fascinating,they pull memories weirdlyrandomlyand attached with themare the emotional files,coloured and uncoloured,some categorised, someunsorted.. Minds linked to the body,makes the whole thing shakeat the tiniest memoryfusedwith rage, with grief,with joy, with sweetness. Some memories are lockedin a special box,only to be opened inthe midst of self-pity,and bouts of wallowingin guilt or regrets. One… Continue reading Memories in a box

Music I Love, Reflections

Swallowed Whole in Negatives

Standing in the sun, I feel the heat, slightly burning on the skin. A whisper of the breeze soothes the skin, as if an omen, saying, ‘It’s okay..’ And the voice of Eddie Vedder in my ears, "Swallowed whole in negatives, it's so sad and sickening, feel the air up above, oh, pool of blue… Continue reading Swallowed Whole in Negatives


Who invented the word Routine?

Day after day, you watch the Sun rise every morning, you watch the Sun set every evening. Today, as it was hiding behind the clouds, you wondered, ‘Does it never tire of going on the same path? same routine? Rising and setting like clockwork. The ancient sundials and clocks were made based on Sun’s movements.… Continue reading Who invented the word Routine?


The heavy clouds rain

When there is a resistance within for situations, for traditional things, what do you do? Do you rebel or do you accept? It doesn’t matter how you take that resistance and what you do with it. The heavy clouds rain. The butterfly pushes its wings from the cocoon. The waves crash on the rocks. The… Continue reading The heavy clouds rain


Why hide and escape?

Sometimes, words just overflow. Sometimes, they are silent in awe of Life, of the beauty of Life and Nature. Sometimes, they want to be heard. Sometimes, they want to hide from the cruelty, from the harshness that is a part of Life, a part of Nature. The cold winter is essential. So is the spring,… Continue reading Why hide and escape?


Self esteem and inexhaustible Presence

That feeling of not having enough, of not being enough came back, and I searched in vain for books that would help to increase my self esteem, self worth. But what is that self esteem, self worth, self image, and all things self? It’s how we view ourselves. It’s like looking through a kaleidoscope and… Continue reading Self esteem and inexhaustible Presence


Who knew Love was this simple!

Who knew Love was this simple?   Countless poets and writers have written about love, thinkers have thought about what it could be and what it ought to be.. There are breakups and makeups, there are love songs and songs for the broken hearted.. We glorify love, mix it with passion and lust, or try… Continue reading Who knew Love was this simple!