Don’t hesitate

When your heart is empty

and mind is full of angst,

full of despair,

sometimes all you need is to let it out..


To talk and talk

all your dark thoughts and feelings,

to a friend

who listens..


But for that, first you need to reach out to them..

ask for help or just to listen..

and while talking, sobbing and talking,

you’ll know that those dark thoughts are just that, thoughts..

those feelings are like visitors, they came coz you felt hurt or wronged..

and while talking to your friend, you realize you let the hurt go..

somehow, you let it go and now it doesn’t matter..

and you start feeling free again..

free from all the angst, all the dark thoughts holding you tight..


So don’t hesitate..

to ask a friend to listen..

just talk your heart out..



And i’m deeply grateful

to have such a best friend for life,

who always has my back,

no matter how cranky i get..

who always listens, patiently,

not judging..

i was never much of a talker,

yet with him, i simply cannot bear not talking

and letting it all out..

Thank You..  ^_^


Featured image: Photo by Aditi B.


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