Poems I Love, Reflections

Attention, attention, attention!

So many things require our attention every day. One moment we are doing something and within a few moments, we run with our minds to do other things. To do lists don’t even begin to attend the way our minds run in countless different directions. We lose our attention, our focus, our awareness and go… Continue reading Attention, attention, attention!

Music I Love, Reflections

Negativity, negativity everywhere!

Except in my mind. How is that possible? How can you stay positive when you’re surrounded by negative situations or negative people? There’s a continuous chatter of negativity in my surroundings. Situations and people. Conflicts over small things. Dry cough that persisted for over a week. Improper sleep schedule. I can keep compiling this list… Continue reading Negativity, negativity everywhere!


Self esteem and inexhaustible Presence

That feeling of not having enough, of not being enough came back, and I searched in vain for books that would help to increase my self esteem, self worth. But what is that self esteem, self worth, self image, and all things self? It’s how we view ourselves. It’s like looking through a kaleidoscope and… Continue reading Self esteem and inexhaustible Presence


Who knew Love was this simple!

Who knew Love was this simple?   Countless poets and writers have written about love, thinkers have thought about what it could be and what it ought to be.. There are breakups and makeups, there are love songs and songs for the broken hearted.. We glorify love, mix it with passion and lust, or try… Continue reading Who knew Love was this simple!