No more resentments

i saw a softer side of her

in the last few days or weeks,
like the one i used to long for,
i had seen that softer side earlier
but everytime i used to resent it
not believing it to be real,
perhaps coz there was a lot of resentment in me…
and now..
i feel..nothing..
neither good nor bad..
that softer side of hers is true,
she is a human being and a woman afterall..
but i dont feel anything anymore
neither resentment nor reconciliation.. 
just equanimity and compassion..
i had been blinded by so many resentments,
all these years..
and now,
just a certain peacefulness..
Thank You! 
and i’m grateful to all those Christian songs, 
that even after countless repeats
always helped me feel loved, the one feeling i always longed for,
helped me surrender and understand
so many things..
and to You
that helped me see and feel
that the limitless Love
is within..
Don’t seek,
just Be Love..


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