Goodbye Amd, Hello Blr!

Endings? Beginnings?

Why does everything seem so connected?
There are no endings and new beginnings..
Just one continuous flow
of Life..
Places change, people change,
situations change, seasons change..
But nothing of it seems to affect
this joyous peacefulness..
Just like in nature,
everything keeps changing, 
growing, degrading, growing again,
seasons changing, repeating..
Yet, the essence of Nature
remains the same..
It’s beauty, it’s fragility
remains the same..
Change of place again..
Yet neither excitement nor indifference
nor fearful..
Just a simple joy and peace..
Life goes on..
Just look how it flows..
Like a river, just flowing,
taking all the drops of water
to the Ocean..
And then Rain..
And the cycle continues..

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