Just be

How simplistically easy it is,to just be..How we allow the memories of the past, and ideas of the future - to rule our present,how we allow the concepts of how everything should, could or would\'ve been - to distract us from being ourselves, creating conflicts..If just for a moment, you turn inwards, and drop all… Continue reading Just be


Nature’s Presence

Walking back to your room,the breeze greets you,cool, gentle breeze..A single green leaf rolls bywith the breeze..The blue cloudy sky..And the cool breeze again..It's the moments like thesethat makes you feel completely alivethat you are immersed into Love againeven if just for few moments,Nature's Love,Nature's Presence,incomparableindescribable..



After days and daysof just work and study,of being around people,a new language and new faces,neither liking nor disliking all of it,and then..some alone timeand you find sadness waiting with open arms to embrace you..I smile at her, at sadness,it feels goodafter days of emotionlessness,after days of feeling nothing,this feeling is welcome..Nostalgia also returns,the longing and… Continue reading Sadness