Music I Love, Reflections

Aazaadiyan, the freedom – Music

Not wanting to sleep in the middle of studying, 

but feeling sleepy, 
she went on the terrace, 
The heat of the sun, 
blue sky, 
birds flying by, 
and a gentle breeze… 
She shuffled the music and hit play, 
the first song… 
and she laughed…
It was ages ago when she used to listen to this song…
Where was this song hiding till now!
Maange na kabhi mile..
Jo cheene wohi jee le..
She still remembered each n every beat
every word…
She kept drumming along, singing along,
laughing along..
How she had longed to touch the sky!!
Like the birds..
“Par khulne ki deri hai parinde ud ke chumenge
aasma.. aasma.. aasma..”
How she had longed to break away all chains and restrictions!
How she had longed to fly!!
And now.. She didn’t even care..
She laughed feeling so free…
All those chains and restrictions were indeed illusory..
They still bind her, yet they don’t bind her heart..
They don’t weigh much anymore..
as if made of feathers, weightless.. 
She feels free… Her heart touched the sky..
“Only with the heart can you touch the sky…” ~Rumi.
When did that happen?
She doesn’t know.. But it wasn’t one moment..maybe her whole life, 
all the people, 
all situations, 
all her struggles, 
all the trips and being alone,
it all changed something within her..
When? She doesn’t know..
But this feeling of being free since last few months, along with a few struggles..
is what makes her feel alive..
Nothing matters.. Nothing at all..
All the hurt and pain was illusory..
She just needed to fall freely, without fears, 
without holding on to anything..
And she did..
Only to see that those chains were all in her mind..
She was free, as always..
Pairon ki bediyan khwabon ko bandhe nahi re.. Kabhi nahi re..
Mitti ki parton ko nanhe se ankur bhi cheerey, dheere dheere..
Iraade hare bhare..jinke seeno mein ghar kare..wo dil ki sune, kare… Na darre.. Na darre…
And she felt grateful…yet again..
For everything.. And everyone..
All the songs, all the lyrics,
all the places, all the people..
Even her own heart..
Thank you from the bottom of the heart!





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