Music I Love, Reflections

I am Yours – Music

Back on the terrace, 
the sun, birds, breeze.. 
clouds floating by.. 
and the vast vast sky… 
What does anything matter? 
This is what it is.. 
To just live.. 
Be alive.. 
Just be.. 
Thank You!
*bows* to the Sun..
Without all this beautiful beautiful Nature,
dunno where i would have been..
You were always there..
Always.. Anywhere i’d look..
Even when i didn’t look..
Even when i closed myself in the room..
You still were there..
Thank You, Nature..
For being there..
And always reminding me, to just be..
I laughed when i saw the first few posts i posted in 2014, how i used to struggle.. 
And look at me now..i still struggle, i still fall down..but i know You are here..
these peaceful moments along with the struggles..that’s what life is..
Thank You! For always being there..
I am Yours…
I am Yours – The Afters.
I can walk across the world
and never find the answer..

I could search the sky above
and never get any closer..

You made it all..


I won't look back anymore
now that i am Yours..

You never say goodbye..
You are the reason why..

I won't look back anymore
now that i am Yours..


All the rest can disappear without traces
i have nothing left to fear..
As long as Your face is all i can see
You are all i need..
Every breath, every step
you're here with me..

I can walk across the world..
I can search the sky above..
You made it all..
And i am Yours...

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