“Hello there, moon..”

The cloudless night sky,

the full moon shining bright,
the tree with orangish blooms,
a bat flying around now n then,
a few stars scattered,
the slight cold,
the music in headphones
and the alone-ness…
What more can anyone ask for?
“Hello there, moon..
How have you been?
So long since saw you this complete..
Back from hiding, eh?
Where is your home?
Where do you go to hide?
Does the earth revolve around you?
What if it did?
Do you have a language of your own?
without words?
Why don’t you show us your other side?
Why is it called ‘dark’ side?
Do you love the earth?
Do you love the sun?
The solar system? The universe?
What is love?
How did you come into being?
Do you know how beautiful you are?
I only have questions,
coz i dont know anything,
nothing at all…
And that somehow makes me happy,
content-happy, you know..
Is it silly that i talk to you?
in a language that you might not even understand..
I wish i could learn your language..
I wish i could shine so bright like you..
Thank you, for lighting up the night.. 😉 “


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