Rainy cloudy night and the moon..

Standing in the secluded corner of the terrace,you watch the moonand the few stars,but the clouds are passingand then some time later,seemed like the clouds swallowed upthe moon and the stars..Just a whitish-ness in the night sky,clouds all overvisible even in the darkness of the night..You stare back for a few moments,wanting the moon to… Continue reading Rainy cloudy night and the moon..


Roaming around..

Like most evenings,today againas i leave workand go back to my room,i leave everything except the phone and headphones,no wallet, nothing...And i go back downand just walk..listening to music,observing people,observing everything around..I'm so lovin this!To just walk around..Nowhere..Turning in a random street,getting lost and then searching a way back..Whole day, i wait just for these… Continue reading Roaming around..



Emotions choked up,head aching,i escape up on the terrace..Watching Rachel (in Friends) find outthat she was pregnantand how she wanted the baby,it kind of triggered old memoriesand emotions,flooded me like gushing river..The breeze has turned into wind today,and quite a bit colder..I dunno what to do with the memories,i had buried them, didnt even think… Continue reading Black..