The lake..

Getting off from work early,

i think of where to go today
for the random walk..
And could think of only one place,
so peaceful,
The lake..
which reminds me of Motibag,
the one back at home,
which somehow i dont miss anymore..
Takes an hour to reach here,
by metro and walking,
random smiles all the way,
sometimes wanting to burst into a laugh
coz this is crazyy!
So here i am now..
At the lake..
Back again..
The cold chilly wind,
the deep waters,
the few ducks,
the dark night,
the few streetlights,
and some music…
The leaves rustle in the wind,
the water flows with the wind,
the reflection of the lights mingle
in the water with the wind,
and i shiver..with the wind, so cold..
How beautiful this place is!
How can one not fall in love with it!
Maybe i did..
I dunno.. I dunno anything..
Just like being here,
watch the ducks, the water, the sky
and the shadow…


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