Diving underwater!

Scuba diving! Breathe in, breathe out.. Breathe in, Breathe out.. Its so simple, yet so difficult when you do it consciously.. The training session and then goin into the depths of a whole another world.. Seeing it on tv and seeing it in front of ur eyes a complete different experience.. Just heartbeats just breathing,… Continue reading Diving underwater!


Well, then, my heart, take leave and heal…

Stages - by Herman Hesse.All blossoms will wilt,each youth fold into the mold of age..Wisdom and virtue never last forever..Your heart must always be ready to leaveand ready to begin again,must form new bondswith courage and without regret..Every beginning offers a magic powerthat protects us and helps us to endure..This Journey through the realms of… Continue reading Well, then, my heart, take leave and heal…