Being alone…in silence..

After a long day at work, coming back to your room, only to find your roomate and her friends talking…and you have to talk and chitchat, when you really want to shut the door and be alone in the quietness.. But where is it? There’s a constant sound of something or the other, noise of the vehicles on the road, people around you talking constantly..

So you leave it all, put music in your ears and start walking on a random street.. Its evening, getting darker, but you dont care. Some silence and quietness of being alone is all you want.. There are still people around, walking.. All the other noises have drowned by the music in the headphones.. And you walk, silently..looking at everything, observing.. The tiredness of the whole day is gone in just a few minutes..

This kind of silence..of being alone, walking on random streets in the new city..walking on your own, getting lost and finding the way back somehow..

Sometimes..even amidst all the noises, you have to make room for silence…and being alone in that silence is what I absolutely love..


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