Just another night..

Night, dark and cold..
A city, new and old..
Sitting on the edge of the terrace,
and i dont feel alone,
a kind of indescribable peacefulness since a few weeks now,
it creeps into me at the randomest moments,
how did i reach here,
who/what brought me here,
where am i to go,
nothing of it matters,
nothing matters at all..
And at moments like this,
i wish i could just leave everything behind,
and walk away..
i wish i could break all the barriers around
and walk away..
to nowhere..
A melancholic sadness sets in,
the one that i like now,
its beautiful…this melancholy,
about nothing in particular,
and i welcome it again,
just feeling it..
like the darkness
and the coldness
of just another night..


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