A Bookful evening!

Books books books

all around..
Just a few hours at the book fair,
and my head is already spinning!
Coming out in the fresh air,
I breathe in deeply,
the cool breeze flows around,
i spot an empty bench near the lake
and sit peacefully..
Lights and decorations
at the lake,
hundreds and thousands of people all around,
but i dont mind..
A few people run towards a car at a distance,
probably some celebrity,
i sit back and smile..
Not at all feeling like wanting to know,
or see some celebrity..
Instead i wish i could get a few books more,
or the one whose title makes me want to wander..
Himalayan lust..
I wish.. Lol.
No use just wishing..
Maybe in a few years or maybe not..
It doesnt matter..
I’m good to be where i am now..
Another cool breeze reminds me
how cold it is,
as i sit here and write..
Dont wanna leave..
Dont wanna go back to that room..
Dont wanna go back to anywhere..
Why cant i just sit here?!
All night..
By this lake..
Even if artificial..
Its lovely..
And the weather’s coldness..
Wish i could just keep sitting here
Or could just keep walking
to nowhere….

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