Sunday morning

After a long time..
Sunday morning at the hostel..
At first, it feels like what am i to do?
Then realizing, there’s nothing to do today except relax,
i order breakfast,
go and get tea,
and waiting for breakfast,
i sit under the trees..
The breeze is lovely..
The trees seem like bending down upon me,
and i imagine the trees and the breeze hugging me..
The breeze caressing me..
It feels good..
Esp after last night’s emotional crying..

This is what i love the most..
Relaxing moments,
just sitting, doing nothing,
and looking at Nature around,
feeling the breeze and clouds,
leaves whispering,
few birds chirping..
The soothing feeling of breeze on my face..


~ it’s the ‘have to do this and that’, should do, must do, have to do-s.. that tire me more. this doing nothing, this not having to do anything is so much more peaceful.. ~


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