Just notice

Just notice. Don’t judge.  Just notice how it feels.. the uncertainty and squirminess of mind to know what’s going on..  Just notice. That dream in sleep is probably the reason  you feel uncertain and insecure. But let it go.  Just notice. And let it be.  You don’t have to act on it. See how the… Continue reading Just notice


This beingness

Suddenlythere's this knowing again..the stillness and a space..without any effort at all..There's nothing to do,nothing to not do,everything keeps flowingso freelythis life..There's nothing to achievenothing to succeed atnothing to fail fromnothing to remembernothing to forget..There's nothing to be insecure ofnothing to securenothing to seeknothing to hold on tonothing to let go of..There's nothing to realizenothing… Continue reading This beingness