These moments

These 4 walls..
The air from the fan
gently falling on the skin
like raindrops..
And a few moments
of utter peacefulness..
Maybe this is what i came all the way here for..
Just these few moments..

Who am i?
Have i changed or still the same?
Do i ever change?
It’s the people and surroundings
that keep on changing like seasons..
And me,
i’m still here..
The same i was, the same i will be..

So what does it matter?
What does anything matter at all?
Like waves, it all comes and goes..
sometimes crashing,
sometimes serene,
sometimes wavy..
But the ocean is always the same, deep..
What does it matter to the ocean
what the waves do..
how the waves are..
It is always the same, deep..


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