Nothing ever exists

Nothing ever exists without You..

These clouds, sky,
leaves, wind,
earth, water, flowers
and rain..
Nothing exists without You..

Even these buildings, cars,
traffic, people,
shops, dresses,
marriages and shopping..
Nothing exists without You..

how easily we forget You..
Going on n on n on
in everyday life,
not even stopping for a tiny moment
to remember, to see, to feel You
there You are
in each and every moment,
in each and every place,
in each and every leaf, cloud and drop of water..
there You are..

Here You are..
in each and every heartbeat
in each and every breath,
in each and every thought, word, feeling and desire..
Here You are..

Here, there, everywhere
You are..

Yet why don’t we see You?
why don’t we feel You?
Even for a moment, a pause,
won’t You help us see and feel You everywhere?
won’t You erase this separation
and tell us that we are already One?
won’t You stop our hearts for a tiny moment
and bring us back that vast peacefulness?
won’t You immerse and let these tendencies of mind
dissolve into You, so that we forget everything else
and remember only You?
coz nothing ever exists without You..


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