Girnar..Looking at the lights on its stepsfrom afar,i'm teary and happy at the same time..What is it about this place?What is it about the air here?The mountain and the lake..Just being around herein this air,stirs something in the heart..That knowingness?All those years of childhood?This bond i have with themas if they are alive...All those years when… Continue reading Girnar


Same old

Back to the same oldand it doesn't feel the same..Maybe the same..All it reminds is of last year,the strugglesthe peaceful moments,the aloneness..Mind can't stop comparingthen and peacefulness,only work, people, things to do,places to rest...Agitated ripples all over again..Feeling detached..Yet don't want to do anything to let this detachment go..Don't want any hope,don't want… Continue reading Same old