Be still

When you don’t know the answers,
what to do,
which way to go,
confess all your problems and worries
say out what bothers you
and Be Still…
The answers will come..
and Be still…

                                              Be Still – The Fray (lyrics)

How do i end all this?
i don’t know how,
i don’t want to do, be or have anything with anyone,
how do i end this?
and how do i end this tiredness?
i’m tired of everything and everyone,
and work,
won’t you give me some rest?
some answers?
some aloneness?

You don’t have to do anything..
everything is happening by its own
and what has begun will end some day..
every beginning has an end
and the One that has no beginning has no end,
So Be as you are..
and let everything happen,
it is all headed towards the end anyways..
the body would come to an end someday
so will the earth..
so will the tiredness and work.
so will all the relations and friendships that are formed..
it will all end one day,
you don’t have to do anything to end it..
let it flow its course and let it disappear..
all you can do is just be as you are..
just be..
does all those things –
tiredness, people, work, food, relations and friends –
does all those things change who you are from within?
you are always as you are..
nothing that you do or don’t do ever changes who you are..
so just be as you are..
just be…
and keep your mind and heart focused on beingness
rather than the outer changing sceneries of the world..
Just be..


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