Same old

Back to the same old
and it doesn’t feel the same..
Maybe the same..
All it reminds is of last year,
the struggles
the peaceful moments,
the aloneness..
Mind can’t stop comparing
then and now..
no peacefulness,
only work, people, things to do,
places to go..
no rest…
Agitated ripples all over again..
Feeling detached..
Yet don’t want to do anything to let this detachment go..
Don’t want any hope,
don’t want any strength
any positive feelings…
Maybe just drowning in this tiredness
and detachment..
Maybe not..
No idea
what i’m doing,
what i should be doing..
When you have no boundaries, 
how are you supposed to create a boundary?
What if you dont want a boundary..
Just dissolve…
every speck…
So that nothing remains..
Nothing at all…

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