The woes of being a human

These are the woes of being a human.

I wish i was anything but a human,

without the perks and perils

and everything in between

that comes with being a human.

I wish i did not have this sense of duty

and responsibility,

and this tiredness that comes with it,

this suffocation

of not being able to live the way i want to..

of always being interrupted

when i want to write..

or when i want to be left alone..

I wish humans did not have this sense of sacrifice..

sacrifice that comes with love

or with duty.

Why cannot we be selfish for once?

Why cannot i be selfish for once?

I’m a loner, always was.

I am tired of doing sacrifices

of my own time,

it doesn’t matter if i waste my own time,

but these interruptions..

I want to be alone for once,

without interruptions,

without hearing the dialogues

going on out there..

And this bathroom floor is my safe haven..

And i am glad this music makes me deaf for the time being,

oblivious to everything outside this small corner.

I wish i didn’t have a conscience

that comes with being a human..

I wish i was selfish enough..

i wish.. i wish..

~ ~ ~ ~

Featured image: Photo by Aditi Premankit


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