Cloaks of identification

Suddenly a realization dawns..

I was holding too tight to this cloak of that little girl who wasn’t loved, who needs love, who feels empty and lonely, who got scared of being loved by his family..

I was holding too tight to that identity..

But i am who i am.

And i am definitely not those past experiences. I am not the one who wallows in self-pity.

I am, naked. Without cloaks of identification with those past experiences.

Those experiences did not make me who i am. I am who i am.

Sometimes i do get overwhelmed by all this, but i have a choice, to not identify with the past.. to not carry the past images like a burden..

I am whole and complete in my own way. I am no longer that little girl, and i choose not to be haunted by the image of that little girl.

Past is past. There’s no need to hang on to it like it’s everything.

I was feeling so emotional bcoz i was allowing those little girl images to stay in my mind.. feeling too needy, clingy and not loved enough, seeking attention.

That girl does not even exist. I don’t even have the body of that little girl anymore lol. The body has grown, and so also the mind.

I don’t need to carry those past images and feel helpless while drowning in self pity.

So i’m gonna burn those past images in the campfire. Roasted and burnt!! (Not literally, ofcourse lol coz there’s no fire here..but just imagining throwing off those past images in the fire and watching them burn!)


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