Dear mind

after writing in journal,
switching off all lights
sitting quietly
in the dark
i face my own thoughts and judgements..
it’s not the other people that bother me,
it’s my own thoughts and judgement of them that bothers me more.

this chattering mind
doesn’t stop.
where does it gets all this energy from?

why don’t you pause and stop for a moment, mind?
do you fear you’d vanish if you stop chattering?
just let me breathe, sometimes, dear mind.
let me be.
don’t judge others, and don’t judge yourself for judging others.

it’s okay.
it’s okay.

please learn to breathe, sometimes, dear mind.
pause and breathe.
the world isn’t out there to get you,
it is a beautiful world out there, if you only notice it.
but you think everyone’s out there to get you,
so you fear, so you chatter,
so you run.

but pause and breathe, dear mind.
the world out there is as it is,
beautiful, with people of all kinds.
instead of judging people and being scared of them,
look at the flowers and little things that amaze you.

it’s all about where you keep your attention going.
the beauty around you is still there, dear mind, if only you’d see.
if only you’d pause and breathe..


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