Well, then, my heart, take leave and heal…

Stages – by Herman Hesse.

All blossoms will wilt,
each youth fold into the mold of age..
Wisdom and virtue never last forever..
Your heart must always be ready to leave
and ready to begin again,
must form new bonds
with courage and without regret..
Every beginning offers a magic power
that protects us and helps us to endure..

This Journey through the realms of life
was not meant to end in one home only..
World spirit does not want to tie us down,
wants us to soar into the open..
When we stay too long in one place,
get stuck in norm and habit, we wear out..

Only embarking o new, unknown journeys
can free us from the prison of stagnation..

Maybe the moment of our death too
is just another gate to new dimensions..
The call of life to us will never end..
Well, then, my heart, take leave and heal..


“Well, then, my heart, take leave and heal..”
Can a poem ever feel the same as we do,
i wonder,
was the poet feeling the same too when he wrote,
may be, maybe not..
I interpret each poem, every writing
based on where i am in life
and sometimes
some poems, some words
just fit so much,
as if the poet wrote those words
just for you
waiting for you to discover them
and when you do,
you’re amazed at how the poet could’ve even guessed at it..
As i read and re-read the poem,
i smile,
at least someone out there knew how i feel
how i would feel
even before i knew it..
Maybe thats the magic of poetry!

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