Random act of kindness

I was crossing the street this evening and there I saw her, walking on the edge of the sidewalk, with an icecream in her hand and a little smile on her face. She might have been just about my age, around 23-24 maybe. She was also carrying a backpack on her shoulders. I liked her attire, she looked a bit sweaty probably from the walk, yet she had that cheerful kind of nature which makes you smile when you look at such a person.

Just as i crossed the street, i thought i’d smile and say a hi to her, which i usually dont do coz i’m shy around people. But before i could do that, she had moved ahead and she hesitated a bit and bent down to give her icecream away to a little beggar child in the corner which i hadnt even noticed till now. She patted the kids head and walked away. Just like that. Just once she turned back and smiled at the child who was telling the mother how she gave her an icecream. I could see the look of happiness on the face of that kid, she was so happy. And that girl, that stranger just vanished away at the turn of the road. What was she thinking, i wondered as i walked away feeling humbled at this random act of kindness. Did she do it on impulse or did she decide and do it?


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