Those few moments…

The dusk setting in
The beach
The low tide
and the waters receding away,
the rocks underneath now visible..

So everyone sits on the sand
at the shore..
and I stand there
looking at the horizon..
Dunno what pulls me,
but I start walking towards the horizon,
without shoes,
on the rocks,
big n small,
a bit of water,
a bit muddy..

Being aware
of every step,
of every stone,
of the bit slippery water in between rocks,
of the salty breeze,
of the fading sounds of the people and the shore,
of the darkness getting darker…

Walking so much
dunno where i was going
dunno how far i came
just kept walking…
The low tide had set in completely,
the waters still very far..

Few big rocks,
and i stop,
look back,
look ahead
and sit there on a rock…

As i look at the horizon again,
only a silent ‘Thank you’ comes
and i’m filled with feeling grateful…

It was like a journey of this Life.. 
Just walking 
in the muddy water, 
on the rocks, 
you just keep walking 
as you keep looking down 
being aware of every step that you take, 
yet not losing the sight of the horizon.. 
And then when you feel too tired, 
you rest for a while 
on the rocks in between, 
the noise and lights at the shore now fading, 
you turn around and look back 
how far you’ve come 
but you don’t wanna go back.. 
and now even when alone, 
you don’t feel alone.. 
You just sit there, 
in silence, 
in the salty breeze, 
in the darkness.. 

Those few moments…
It was as if I went all the way
to that place for just those few moments…


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