This evening..

Whole day flows by,  time doesn't make sense  as i try to dissolve myself in studying  and forget the rest of the world  and everything,  even you,  as i focus completely on studying..  How am i able to do this?  I have no idea!    But as the evening knocks  and i open the door, … Continue reading This evening..


Innocence in those eyes.. (What’s this Life for?)

A 10-month old child, playing, looking at you, thru those innocent eyes..  How would this world look? Thru his eyes?  Learning by seeing and observing, he stands, sits, tries to speak but all that comes out is gibberish..  He looks around, throws everything down, cannot sit still, recognizes people whom he sees daily, laughs, cries,… Continue reading Innocence in those eyes.. (What’s this Life for?)