Happy endings…

             She watched a romantic-comedy movie after so many months, she shouldn’t have, she knew it was gonna be a mistake, yet she couldn’t help it. And then cried at the happy ending, like always.. Wanting to believe in that forever-kind of love, where in the end everything becomes good, and guy n girl get married and live happily-ever-after.. She had always believed in that kind of love, and she still wanted to believe, but now she knew better about reality and real life.
Ha! As if that was ever possible in real life…she thought sarcasastically. In reality, there’s always pain, hearts break..and even if you really love someone, there are always complications..lots of them.. And then later in the relationship, there are even more complicated problems.. Its like agony n love walk hand-in-hand..
    And the stupid heart knows all this, knows the heart-wrenching pain n agony n everything…yet this heart doesnt stop loving. When it loves, it loves.
“Why can’t you stop loving? Atleast first look around, look at the conditions, people and then love..why can’t you love at convenience? You know the agony and pain, you know you might break and get hurt, yet you keep loving! Why??”, she kept asking her heart..
“Coz that’s all I know, to love. And that’s all I do. Love.”, her heart told her, “I know all the hurt and pain and agony, I know I may break, but all I know is to love. I dont look at conditions if they are convenient or not, I dont look at how people are or what they have done or their jobs or where they are born, I just love.. I can’t stop loving someone just coz of some conditions or anything. I look at their hearts and I love. I love the rains, I love the pups, I love people, I love some dishes, I love the icy coldness, I love the heat in its own way, I love the earth n the moon n the sun, I love the parents n kids, I love the breeze, I love movies that are touching, I love the song lyrics n music, I love friends, I love the windchimes, I love spiders, I love him, I love you and I love God.. Love is what makes me beat. Every heartbeat. Coz that’s all I know, to love. That’s all I do. Love..”
She smiled knowingly, her stupid heart had become stupider. But she loved it. Love. It was everywhere around, if only you opened your heart and felt it… Even though she didnt want to believe, even though she was hurt, she knew she’d always believe in that kind of love. Coz such love does exist.


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