Skimming through the pages…

Skimming through the pages
of her diary
she smiled,
remembering the moments
when she wrote
all those entries..
How those pages had been
her companion
during those dark days
and darker nights,
helping her keep on dreaming
helping her pour out all feelings
and be able to focus on studying..
Those pages were filled with
and also hope
and beautiful song lyrics…
And now,
those pages remained empty,
the diary waiting
to be filled…
But she had to hide it away
locking it,
coz now at home,
she cant risk someone reading it..
Her deepest innermost thoughts,
feelings and dreams..
Now she tried writing somewhere
anywhere, like here..
But she could never pour it all out
like in her diary..
Only a few months
and so much had changed..
Just a few months back,
only her diary
and those late night walks on terrace
and the moon n sky
had been her companions
and she loved them so…
And now getting busy
each day..
Not getting enough time by herself,
Not knowing when she falls asleep every night,
she longs for some quiet time at night
with the moon n sky
by her side..
And some songs…
And singing with emotions and all those expressions
coz no one is watching
and she could be herself,
Or even wink at the moon..
She didnt want to sleep,
not tonight..
Wanted to keep listening to songs
and looking out of the window
even though it was dark..
Or maybe if she could just write
in the diary,
fill those pages
pour out everything,
dream again..

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