Love and lust

What is the difference between love and lust?

How can there be no difference?
Is there any difference between heart and body?
They co-exist, one cannot be without the other.

But why then, love is considered something sacred, 
next to the divine, loved by everyone,
while lust is considered ‘bad’, something that should be controlled, 
something that leads to downfall and takes you away from the divine?!
How can there be these differences if nothing was good or bad,
nothing right or wrong..
Sensual pleasures seem to take one away from the truth, but do they?
Whom do they take away from truth?
The mind obviously..
Coz the Truth, reality, Presence, awareness, is always there.. 
Nothing can taint it, nothing can touch it,
neither the sensual pleasures, nor the abstinence..
neither giving nor taking,
neither doing nor non-doing,
neither love nor lust…
How can existence exist without the Truth?
And how can something be ‘bad’ in existence when it was made to create life?
Everything comes and goes,
these sensual pleasures,
body, mind…
But the Truth always is.
Where is it not?
Can anything exist without That?
The Truth always is..
The same as it was before the creation of universe..
The same as it was after the creation of universe..
So what does it matter?
What does anything matter at all?
Indulgence, non-indulgence,
all that is for the mind and body..
For whom does all these apply?
And who is always the same,
just being..
Can anything change that beingness?
Love? Lust? Indulgence?
Senses? Calamity?
So what does it matter?
Let life flow, wherever it flows…


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