Quotes I Love, Reflections

Undetectable excuses

You strive for a month or so, somehow that determination vanishes, you’re still unaware, just putting up excuses of this and that, still unaware, that you stopped fighting for your goals, that you stopped looking at those dreams you stared at. What happened and why? Two days of rest and you fell right back into… Continue reading Undetectable excuses


Where have you been searching?

https://youtu.be/rQBn90M9ixo Where have you been searching for me, my friend? I am right here.. I am not in a statue, I am not in a holy place; I am not in a silent shrine either, Neither am I in a temple, nor in a mosque.. Neither the Kaaba, nor the Kailash.. Where have you been… Continue reading Where have you been searching?


Be completely clear-hearted

Let go of your worriesand be completely clear-hearted,like the face of a mirrorthat contains no images..If you want a clear mirror,behold yourselfand see the shameless truth,which the mirror reflects.If metal can be polishedto a mirror-like finish,what polishing might the mirrorof the heart require?Between the mirror and the heartis this single difference:the heart conceals secrets,while the… Continue reading Be completely clear-hearted


In the waves and underneath

Don’t be absorbed with the waterwheel’s motion. Turn your head and gaze at the river. You say, "But I'm looking there already."There are several signs in eyes that see all the way to the ocean. Bewilderment is one. Those who study foam and flotsam near the edge have purposes, and they’ll explain them at length! Those who look out to sea become the… Continue reading In the waves and underneath