Memories in a box

Minds are fascinating,they pull memories weirdlyrandomlyand attached with themare the emotional files,coloured and uncoloured,some categorised, someunsorted.. Minds linked to the body,makes the whole thing shakeat the tiniest memoryfusedwith rage, with grief,with joy, with sweetness. Some memories are lockedin a special box,only to be opened inthe midst of self-pity,and bouts of wallowingin guilt or regrets. One… Continue reading Memories in a box


Who invented the word Routine?

Day after day, you watch the Sun rise every morning, you watch the Sun set every evening. Today, as it was hiding behind the clouds, you wondered, ‘Does it never tire of going on the same path? same routine? Rising and setting like clockwork. The ancient sundials and clocks were made based on Sun’s movements.… Continue reading Who invented the word Routine?


Silencing the thoughts

Thinking too much againgetting tangledin the webs of these thoughts,her head throbbed. She wanted silencenot outside,but in her mind,wanted to silence her thoughts.Maybe straighten them. Music.And Nature.The only 2 things that helped. Listening to few songs on repeat,writing,inarticulate words,feeling the music and the words,imagining falling down down down.. walking on and on and on.. Brighter… Continue reading Silencing the thoughts