how do the streams flow out of the earth?

Have you ever noticed watched a stream of flowing water and wondered, 'Where does it come from? What are its roots? Why does it flow like the invisible sky?' Have you ever marveled and pondered how the stream comes into being how it springs into existence? Wonder, wonder. Ponder. The surprising and awe-inspiring magical answer… Continue reading how do the streams flow out of the earth?

Poems I Love, Reflections

Attention, attention, attention!

So many things require our attention every day. One moment we are doing something and within a few moments, we run with our minds to do other things. To do lists don’t even begin to attend the way our minds run in countless different directions. We lose our attention, our focus, our awareness and go… Continue reading Attention, attention, attention!


If I could do it again

We went to visit a school yesterday, to enquire about for my three year old nephew. And memories from the horrors of my own school time came back. Those school years weren’t that horrible, but the kid-me surely felt them that way. My shyness, my self-consciousness, and to top it all, not feeling comfortable in… Continue reading If I could do it again


Flowing words and a stillness beneath

Sometimes, the words just flow keep pouring out onto the paper onto the screen. And you wonder how many words are there? And how do they flow so effortlessly? And why do these gliding, sliding, dribbling, drizzling words make you so giddy, dizzy, and happy? Shhhh!! Listen. Listen to the stillness beneath these flowing words.… Continue reading Flowing words and a stillness beneath


Why hide and escape?

Sometimes, words just overflow. Sometimes, they are silent in awe of Life, of the beauty of Life and Nature. Sometimes, they want to be heard. Sometimes, they want to hide from the cruelty, from the harshness that is a part of Life, a part of Nature. The cold winter is essential. So is the spring,… Continue reading Why hide and escape?


Fighting the current?

Situations keep changing, changing, changing. You either have to change and adapt with them or.. Or you keep fighting, resisting, until you realize that resisting is just a waste of your energy and peace of mind.. so in the end, you accept.. and go along with the situations. No use fighting the current when you… Continue reading Fighting the current?