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Negativity, negativity everywhere!

Except in my mind.

How is that possible?

How can you stay positive when you’re surrounded by negative situations or negative people?

There’s a continuous chatter of negativity in my surroundings. Situations and people. Conflicts over small things. Dry cough that persisted for over a week. Improper sleep schedule. I can keep compiling this list of complaints.

Or I can stop right there and turn my focus to all the good and wonderful things happening.

Despite the flu and dry cough, I can see and feel the healing in the body. I’m so happy to be loving the work that I do.

Last night, I wondered why majority of people complained about their work. Or were eager to get off of work and get back home or just were eager to have enough money to stop working.

I haven’t reached that phase and I think I never will. Because I do it with complete awareness and focus. There’s no rush to reach or go anywhere.

Like Arjuna seeing only the eye of the fish before he releases the bow, there’s only the work, the quietness and the music at a very quiet level. There’s also that dry coughing repeatedly, but I don’t focus on that.

Just focus on the good things. Once we keep doing that constantly, repeatedly, we’ll see the results after a few months, or a year maybe.

It’s not that I don’t get frustrated or mad. It angers me sometimes. It makes me wanna cry.

But after those moments of anger or frustration pass, my mind automatically goes and reaches to the good things, the good thoughts.

Sometimes if I don’t focus back on something positive or good, I’ll be led to listen some good lyrics unconsciously. Or some quote. Or some funny meme. Other times, it’s my husband who cheers me up. Sometimes, it’s my cute sister.

There are always people, quotes, music or books, or just Nature that would always bring you back to positivity, to letting go of negativity.

We just need to choose.

Choose to let positivity affect us.

Choose to let yourself be cheered.

Choose to let yourself be inspired.

For me, today, it was this song. These lyrics and this music.

I had heard this song in passing as it’s there in my playlist, but today, just when negativity around was becoming stronger, these lyrics found a way to inspire me.

“When I can‘t find the words
to say how much it hurts,
You are the healing in my heart.
When all that I can see
are broken memories,
You are the light that's in the dark.

You are the song
You are the song I'm singing.
You are the air
You are the air I'm breathing.
You are the hope
You are the hope I’m needing.
You are.

And when my circumstance
leaves me with empty hands,
You are the provider of my needs.
When all my dirtiness
has left me helpless,
You are the rain that washes me.

You are ..”
You are – Colton Dixon
Eckhart Tolle quote

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