Music I Love, Reflections

The antidote to too much peopling

The sounds, whole day, double.

Phone calls, email pings, more phone calls,

stories that old people like to tell,

I listen, keep listening.

Then a sudden wave of irritation,

and I know what I need.

Silence. Nature. Wordless Music.

The cool evening breeze welcomes me

as I step into the balcony.

So do the low hanging clouds.

So does the sun, reflecting itself

in a small pond.

I take a few deep breaths

and turn the LoFi music on.

I focus on listening to each beat,

watching the shades on the clouds.

There’s a pinkish orange hue, a bluish grey,

a light grey, a dark grey, some white,

and some very light orange.

The antidote to too much peopling

is silence, nature and wordless music.

Years back, I used to want to run away

away, away, away.

But now, when in stress, or tired

or after listening to too many people voices,

I know, in the moment, exactly what I need.

Sometimes, it’s sleep that’s needed.

Sometimes, binge-watching and over-eating.

Sometimes, I need just to listen to the right kind of music and be with Nature.

Sometimes, it’s writing thoughts down and other times, it’s crying my eyes out.

Sometimes, it’s talking my heart out and other times, it’s sitting quietly.

We always know what is needed, we just need to listen to our bodies and minds.


and let the exhaustion or too much peopling


Imagine dropping all that stress

loading it onto small paper airplanes

and let them fly away.

Imagine the sun taking all your tiredness — mental or physical

— and watch it as it sets into the horizon.

Imagine your own imaginings

and see how light it feels

to just be.

Drop drop drop.

Fly fly fly.

~ ~ ~ ~

Here’s two LoFi music mixes I enjoy listening to.

Campfire crackling – lofi chillhop mix
a peaceful place – lofi mix

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