Music I Love, Reflections

Wild Freedom

Late night,

coming across the music of Pearl Jam’s Present Tense song,

and melancholia..

Cooped up in her room,

she felt like a caged bird.

Outside, there was beautiful Nature,

wild freedom..

at least, the illusion of freedom,

the beauty of the world that her senses

had tasted.

She longed for the mountains,

the rivers and streams,

a breath of fresh air and flowers,

the starry sky and chirping birds,

but most of all, the innocent joy

that accompanied it all..

‘How did we come to create a world

where we get busy in doing things

(for money, by money, of money)

and achieving titles

that we have no time for the beauty around us?

Even to go to a place of Nature,

we need money, and time

and company of people.

We have lost the sensitivity

of our senses

with constant exposure of noises,

millions of images on phones, TVs and computers.

We have lost the ability

to pause and perceive this beauty of Nature

that makes our chattering minds go


and makes our hearts filled with




and Love.’

~ ~ ~ ~

(Originally written as my journal entry dated 27th March, 2019. Came across it and still relevant today.)

Refresh your senses every day. (Photo by aditi premankit)

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