On Love

2022 has begun, a new year.

And all I can think about is Love.

I was reading this article on Greater Good Berkeley about imagining best possible life for the new year, and it just struck me how I only ever wanted to feel Love.

And nowadays, I keep feeling that love in small doses every day.

That Love is present

.. in my husband’s loving actions, in his understanding and his eyes.

.. in my sister’s gestures and liveliness.

.. in people around me, a family who cares.

.. in the sky and the clouds that I see every day from my balcony.

.. in the beautiful music and words.

But most importantly, that Love is present in my own heart.

When we love someone or something, doesn’t it mean that we become loving ourselves. That Love then resides in our hearts.

When I was visualising the best possible life for the new year, I could only think of love.

The material things have never been a priority for me. And yet, in the daily routine, I tend to forget what is essential for me.


Not change of place or houses, not a good lifestyle, not books and comfort, perhaps not even writing.

Love is still more important to me than writing, or books.

As the 2022 begins, I wanted to take note of what my most basic values were.

Love. Kindness. Creativity. Growth. Learning. Curiosity. Health. Simplicity.

But first and foremost, it will always be Love.


I’m bankrupt without Love.

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